Victory Points Leader Board

Victory Points Leader Board

Victory Points

Victory Points (VP's) are awarded to encourage team work and increase competitiveness.

Each player on the winning team is awarded a Victory Point.

Convert VP's to merchandise OR stay on the top of the Leader Board!

These points can be converted into the following: (subject to change)

How to exchange VP's?

To exchange your Victory Points for a free game, simply visit the members area to see what's currently on offer. To exchange for a gift, please email your request to [email protected] and it will be delivered at the next game you attend.

Important note!

Your Victory Points only last for a limited time. After they expire a new competition begins.

Warning Victory Points Expiring

Leader Board

We keep a Victory Points Leader Board. The statistics include the overall win percentage of a player or squad

@hornets @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Another 20 #victorypoints spent @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Keeping up with the demand here's what's left from this batch, same time last year. #victorypoints @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

15 #victorypoints @ Albert Park, Victoria

Happy to take a few less (2-3) VP, debit from future games..

15 #victorypoints @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

How about this LA cap for #victorypoints @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Games aren't running but the victories are still valid! #getsomeā€¦

#victorypoints @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

First in for the championship cap 15 #victorypoints @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia