INSURANCE: Entry fee does not include Personal Accident Insurance. It is up to each participant to have their own insurance that covers them in the event of an injury. To purchase Personal Accident Insurance contact here. If an entrant is responsible for the breakage of equipment at a Games Venue they will be required to pay for the repair or replacement of the equipment.

What players CAN do:

• Score points by shooting or ‘laying-up’ baskets.
• Pressure, chase and block the ball.
• Dribble the ball towards the basket.
• Rebound the ball defensively and offensively.

What players CAN’T do:

• Draw any physical contact on an opponent.
• Intentionally pull, hold or trip an opponent.
• Carry the ball without dribbling.
• Belittle, intimidate or argue with players or organisers.

As a member of basketball613 you are bound by these terms and conditions

Please read the code of conduct before attending.